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15 Things I Learned from my Grandma

By Savannah Bustillo
[Albuquerque, New Mexico]: Savannah Bustillo, 2018. Edition of 8 variants.

6 x 4 x 4 "; 24 page including exteriors. Materials: mylar, thread. Pronto plate printing. Pamphlet style sewn binding.

Savannah Bustillo: "Created in the spirit of play and to embrace the book as a three-dimensional object, this book features lithographically printed Colombian souvenirs from my childhood and other notorious Colombian products, overlapping and collaged in rich translucent color. These souvenirs were sent to me throughout my childhood from my grandmother living in Bogota, Colombia, arriving in suitcases that my father would bring home after trips abroad seeing his mother. The wide variety of objects featured here - woven jewelry, magnets, sweets like arequipe and bocadillo wrapped in dried banana leaves - combine personal and nostalgic forms with commercial products that Colombia is known for - emerald jewelry, masks and ceramic goods, mined stones, textiles, and coffee. These books offer a collection of objects that I return to again and again, to reflect broadly on the multifaceted points of the things we collect: personal mementos, circulating resources, exotic forms, and pieces of knowledge or wisdom."

15 Things I Learned from my Grandma

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