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A Movable Horizon

By Ann Lovett
New Paltz, New York: Ann Lovett, 2010. Edition of 12.

8.25 x 5.5 x 1.375"; 84 pages. Pigmented inkjet print on rag paper. Drumleaf binding with breakaway spine. Bound in cloth covered boards. Text by Ann Lovett.

Ann Lovett: "A Movable Horizon investigates the life of a fictional 19th-century 'mill girl' working in the textile industry in Massachusetts. Changes in family and rural life, economic independence, urban experience, and the early labor movement are interwoven in images and a book-length poem describing the character’s inner life, her relationship to her work, and her desire for independence.

"Photographic composites layer letters, documents, textile pattern books and dress patterns from the collections of the American Antiquarian Society with photographs of factory structures and architectural details from Lowell, Massachusetts."

A penciled line
In measured space,
Taut in distance, sweep and curve

The place I live
Has come undone…

A Movable Horizon

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