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A Murder of Crows

By Jeffrey W. Morin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: sailorBOYpress, 2018. Edition of 50.

9 x 11"; 28 pages. Text type: Gill Sans. Display type: Hobo. Paper: handmade by Brian Borchardt, Lisa Beth Robinson, Caren Heft, and Jeff Morin. Crow images started as monoprints, which were translated into serigraphs at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). Courtney Parbs editioned each of the crow images in January of 2016. Paper tip-ons throughout. Bound in a textured cloth over boards with embossed images of crows on front cover. Numbered and signed by the artist.

Colophon: "Levi articulates much from the Old Testament and the Book of Leviticus in particular. Woven into the text is common sense, wisdom, and idiosyncrasy. Discerning betwixt the relevant, out-of-date, and simple prejudice becomes the challenge to the faithful and apostate alike. Many who profess to be devout 'cherry pick' the text to make an argument against equitable marriage but ignore other strictures which no longer seem relevant or would simply be inconvenient to adopt.

"Surely, the faithful don't cut their sideburns, eat shellfish, or wear blended fabrics. Right? Surely the apostates don't believe in sex between siblings. Right? Surely, some amongst the faithful marry divorcees, plant gardens with more than one food type, or eat pork. Right? Surely the apostates don't have sex with animals. Right?

"Marriage between two men or two women should not lead to their deaths. Right? Marriage between two people should remain a quiet, resilient bond between them. The beech does not judge. The crow does not judge. The chestnut does not judge. The dove does not judge. Men and women do judge. They should exert all of God's wisdom lest they disappoint God and experience his flood of disapproval, forcing us to wait upon the crow and the dove, again.

"The text was written in 2014 to enshrine the national debate over marriage equity. "

A Murder of Crows

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