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Acts of Translation:  David Allen

By Sarah Bryant
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Big Jump Press, 2023.
Edition of 66 (26 lettered, 40 numbered).

5.5 x 9"; 20 pages. Papers include Red River double side Premium Matte and Colorplan. Text set in Arno, Myriad, and Monaco type. Printed letterpress using polymer plates from Boxcar press. Produced in an edition of 44, of which 26 lettered copies bound individually and 40 bound alongside other collaborative components of the ‘Acts of Translation” project. Signed by Allen and Bryant. Lettered.

Big Jump Press: "Dr. David Allen studies the ecology of ticks and tick-borne diseases. He uses an integrated theoretical and empirical approach to tease apart the biotic and abiotic drivers of tick populations and tick-borne pathogen persistence. He has published his work in numerous journals, including ‘Journal of Medical Entomology, Biological Conservation, Emerging Infectious Diseases, and Northeastern Naturalist’. His research into the Ixodes population has received a grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease."

Excerpt of conversation: “Why is the tick population changing? … I am an ecologist. I try to understand and describe the vast complexity of these biological processes. I want to predict the future with a nice, neat equation.”

Colophon: "Ticks collected by Allen in Vermont were imaged with a scanning electron microscopy by Jody Smith in 2019 and inkjet printed in Bryant’s studio with generous help from Allison Grant using an Epson Surecolor P900. The code featured in this book is a section of ‘IsPopDyMod: Ixodidae population dynamics model’ which was written in R by David Allen.”

Acts of Translation: David Allen

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