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Albino Bestiary

By Rebecca Goodale
Portland, Maine: Rebecca Goodale, 2012. Edition of 5.

13.75 x 12.5 x 3.5"; 24 pages. Handcolored silkscreen prints with paste patterns. Letterpress printed text. Wedding cake binding. Housed in three quarter clamshell case.

Rebecca Goodale: "This is a book I have been working on since 2010. In its 11 chapters it conjures up memories of white animals (and plants). Although this book is not specifically about flora and fauna protected by the Endangered Species Act, the book brings to mind how human impact has created islands of territory that limit DNA pools and lead to such anomalies as albinism, leucism, melanism, and piebalds. In fact two piebald white tail deer in our neighborhood were the start of my poetic remembrance in chapter 5. So, although there isn't a specifically labeled threatened or endangered species in this collection, I feel I am still working from the same point of view with this volume.

"The binding is referred to as a compound dos-à-dos or Wedding Cake. At first it may seem clumsy to manipulate, but after a turn through once or twice you will feel at ease. It also displays nicely carefully opened flat to reveal the hot side (lobsters, porcupine, birds, whale, rhinos) and it stands well on the cool side (mayflies, squirrels, poem, unicorn, and moose) – the raccoons do not open while standing."

Albino Bestiary

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