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America, Guests Who Came to Dinner (And Stayed)

By Evelyn Patricia Terry
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Evelyn Patricia Terry, 2021. Series variant, each unique.


Altered book. Materials: mixed media composed of original prints, monotypes and monoprints on Stonehenge paper, artist's hair, handmade paper and thread. Collage. Handwritten text. Signed and dated by the artist.


Evelyn Patricia Terry: "'America, Guests Who Came to Dinner (and Stayed)', an altered book series, transforms books with cut, torn, sewn and glued original prints, drawings and handmade paper produced during my 50-plus year printmaking and drawing career. The distinct group of books re-purposes my 1981 screen print edition of 68 black ink images on white Stonehenge paper for each book's interior pages. The book covers repurpose predominately, assorted etchings, colored screen prints and pastel markings and sometimes handmade paper.


"Unchanging, this series' text notes reasons and ways people arrived in America creating diversity as a social realty for Americans. Plus, my book covers always include my hair.


"My hair affirms 'self-acceptance' and 'self-love.' In my youth, my 'nappy' hair existed as a source of shame. Through maturation, I learned that brainwashed consumers under the influence of fake beauty commercials suffer from crushed self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. A paradigm shift occurred for me. My once pressed and straightened hair became dreadlocks, that I now use unabashedly as fodder in my books."

America, Guests Who Came to Dinner (And Stayed)

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