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Apparently with no surprise

Poem by Emily Dickinson
San Juan Capistrano, California: Inkswine Press, 2020. Edition of 8.

15 x 11.5" (38 x 29.25 cm); 20 pages. Collagraphs. Chine collé. Letterpress printed with debossed running text. Screen printing. Bound in paper over boards with leather spine. Front cover with printed titles and black glyph illustration. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Dirk Hagner: "This large format case-bound book reflects on COVID-19 and is based on a poem by Emily Dickinson which she wrote in 1880, 'Apparently with no surprise'.

"This time around the 'blonde assassin' on stage is played by the red-crested corona virus upstart. The sun proceeds but is unmoved. Life is often cruel and death can be random and unexpected, with God paring her fingernails while it all happens.

"The book's pages follow the 8 lines of the poem, cutting up the words in several ways, and reassembling the pieces with collagraphs and chine collé, employing debossed running text printed in letterpress. Flat color screen printing was chosen for the large fleuron (derived from the old French: floron, flower, here representing a stylized ivy leaf), an old punctuation mark or glyph used in typographic compositions."

Apparently with no surprise

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