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Ballot BOX

By Bonnie Thompson Norman
Seattle, Washington: Bonnie Thompson Norman, 2014. Not stated.

5 x 5" closed, opens to 5" cube; six double-sided panels. Letterpress printed. Panels connect with thread through three holes to form flexible page binding. Laid in a four-flap fold-over wrapper with Velcro closure.

Bonnie Thompson Norman: "It may come as a surprise to learn the right to vote is not explicitly stated nor provided for in the United States Constitution. Rather, this right has been shaped by Amendments, Congressional legislation, judicial review, and requirements and restrictions enacted by the States.

"For me, voting is a fundamental and cherished expression of patriotism and democracy. By casting my vote, I am connected to the principals of Government of the People, by the People and for the People.

"However, laws and regulations regarding voting rights are becoming more restrictive and onerous. 
Ballot BOX, a literal and symbolic representation of a right which should be available to all Americans but which is being threatened and eroded, contains a riddle and quotes from historical and literary figures on the subject of voting. Most importantly, it includes general information on voter eligibility and registering to vote. I hope Ballot BOX will both inform and inspire people to do just that."

Ballot BOX

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