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Beyond the Great Stone

By Brian Borchardt
Stevens Point, Wisconsin: Seven Hills Press, 2006.
Edition of 40.

7 x 7.5" 26 pages. This book was printed letterpress on a Vandercook SP15 test press. All text (primary Cochin Light, secondary Futura Extra Bold Italic) handset on Hahnemüle watercolor stock, gelatin sized and pigmented by the printer, and Fabriano Roma.

Artist’s interpretation of the relationship between Jonathan and David set forth in 1 Samuel.

Brian Borchardt: "As one of the greatest love stories in the Bible, the story of Jonathan and David continues to be overlooked by most Biblical scholars and students not because of its obscurity, but simply because they don't want to see it. They don't want to see the warm, romantic aspects of the relationship between these two men who clearly loved each other. To acknowledge the obvious facts of this relationship would force theologians and church leaders to either condemn the Bible's greatest hero — David, the mighty youth who slew Goliath — or to accept the probability that homosexuality is not any more a sin, in and of itself, than is heterosexuality in the eyes of the Lord."

Beyond the Great Stone

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