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Bite the Bullet

By John R. Hastings

Everett, Washington: John Hastings, 2013. Edition of 3.


1.5 x 1"; 8 pages including pastedowns. Miniature. Accordion fold. In black wraps. Slipped in open white sleeve. Housed in a Bit the Bullet metal flip-top box (1.5 x 1.5 x .9"). Signed, dated, and numbered by the artist.


A rhyme by John Hastings about a mother or grandmother waiting in line at the water slide with a child. The conversation is one sided as the parent figure coaxes, berates, gives up, gives in to the anxious child.

It's time to bite the bullet.
It's time to toe the line.
It's time to sit your bottom down,
And I don't want to hear you whine....


(Out of Print)

Bite the Bullet

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