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Boy With the Dancing Feet

By Carolyn Shattuck
Rutland, Vermont: Shattuck Studio, [2020]. Edition of 8.


H-10.5” x W-7.5”x D- 1” closed. Pop-up. Digitally printed on Epson Matte. Other papers Lama Li and laminate. Numbered.


A single opening with a double page pop-up. Very simple but a lovely whimsical display to demonstrate how societal norms may cause us to divert from our true selves – be it gender, career, or just everyday life.


Carolyn Shattuck: "'Boy with Dancing Feet' was created to acknowledge the talent and courage shown by male dancers to pursue their passion."


Text: "Jethro was named boy-dancing feet by his family because from a very young age, he loved to move in space feeling the music. At age nine, he was invited to dance with a ballet company where he learned relevés and arabesques. Jethro's friends did not understand his dedication to dancing and laughed at him. He was different.


"His mother and father supported his choice and he decided to participate in a public dance performance. Afterwards, he was ecstatic.


"This is how he learned to not look for acclaim from his friends but to follow his passion."

Boy With the Dancing Feet

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