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Boys & Bubs #7:  You See What We See

By Benjamin D. Rinehart
Appleton, Wisconsin: Benjamin Rinehart, 2023. Edition of 7.

9” x 9” x .25” (closed), 18” x 9” (open); 10 pages. Archival pigment print. A pamphlet saddlestitch book with sticker sheet in the back. The paper used throughout this project was Smart White 80 lbs and was printed on an archival Epson printer.

Benjamin Rinehart, prospectus: "Outward perceptions are heavily linked to what we wear. Why are men’s clothes so drab in comparison to women’s clothing? Why does it matter if a man wears pink or if a boy learns how to walk in heels?

“Our family is aware that we don’t conform to societies standards and often stand out. This has no affect on our gender and sexuality, but rather a reflection and celebration of individual identity.

"This book contains items that are considered to cross the line in terms of stereotypical appropriate male gender expression. Try to recall a time when you were shamed by wearing something unconventional. This book nudges the viewer to consider alternative possibilities and to embrace new ideas.

"Stickers have been used for decades as a reward, sense of accomplishment, status, and identity. Use the stickers in the back of the book to embellish the pages and figures as desired."

Boys & Bubs #7: You See What We See

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