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Boys & Bubs: Nun-ya

By Benjamin D. Rinehart
Appleton, Wisconsin: Benjamin D. Rinehart, 2017. Edition of 7.

9” x 9” x .375” (closed), 9” x 34.5” x .375” (open); 4 pages. Archival pigment print & silk screen. Accordion structure. Includes tinted glasses to reveal hidden messages within the book. Printed on Strathmore paper with Epson printer. Bound in Iris book cloth and binders board. Signed and numbered by the artist.


Benjamin D. Rinehart: "It’s not uncommon for strangers to approach my family to better understand our 'situation'. Being a same-sex couple and having children often prompts unsolicited comments and questions like 'Where did you get them?' or 'Isn’t that nice that mom had the day off.' We typically file this under the category of 'none of your business' or 'nun-ya' for short.


"Many people persist with deeply personal questions as to how the boys came into our lives, parental roles, and other aspects of our family life. Because of the frequency of these questions we realize that there is a desperate need for education in mainstream society on alternative family structures.


"When approaching a stranger with questions, ask yourself 'Would I feel comfortable if someone asked me that?' This should not be an opportunity to satiate your curiosity, to talk through personal feelings, experiences or opinions. Is it inappropriate to engage someone who already feels marginalized? When in doubt, wait."

Boys & Bubs: Nun-ya

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