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Boys & Bubs: The Bees Knees

By Benjamin D. Rinehart
Appleton, Wisconsin: Benjamin D. Rinehart, 2017. Edition of 7.

9” x 9” x .75” (closed), 18” x 15” x .75 (open); 10 pages; 5 recipe card pull outs. Board book pages. Materials: Strathmore paper; museum board; Iris book cloth. Printed with Epson printer. Iris book cloth hinges. Signed and numbered by the artist.


Benjamin D. Rinehart: "Cooking for others gives me great joy. It is especially rewarding when I see smiles on everyone’s faces. I often tell the kids that there always needs to be a little love in each dish or else it doesn’t taste as good. For our family, food transcends social and cultural barriers, and gives us a chance to share a part of ourselves when we have guests at the dinner table.


"The recipes throughout this book are family favorites and tested on multiple audiences. Lift the tab on each page to reveal the recipe and join us for something tasty."

Boys & Bubs: The Bees Knees

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