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By Lisa Beth Robinson
Steven Point, Wisconsin: Arcadian Press, 2014. Edition of 35.

5.25 x 6"; 32 pages. Letterpress printed with Michael Bixler's Cochin Light, Bodoni, and one wood letter. Handmade Root River Mill flax by Brian Borchardt, Jeff Morin, Lisa Beth Robinson, and Caren Heft. Paper-covered boards with jagged top edges. Copper breast made by blacksmiths Mindy and Mark Gardner attached to front board. Numbered.

Lisa Beth Robinson relates the ordeal of her mother's breast cancer, which occurred in 1973 when Lisa Beth was five and her brother, Draco, was three-and-a-half: "a hard dose of radiation combined with a mastectomy and the removal of local lymph nodes" was the "cure" then.

Watching her mother ("until I was a teenager I never saw a woman with two breasts") has had strong influence on Robinson's sense of her own body.


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