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By Ed Hutchins
Salem, New York: Ed Hutchins, 2021. Edition of 200.

10” high x 8” wide, opens to 15” long; Five interwoven pages fold flat. Non-adhesive pop-up structure. Laser printed in full color on 12pt. Accent Opaque White Cover Smooth paper. Laser-cut and hand-assembled. Custom Fabriano Morillo portfolio & information card. Vector diagram and laser cutting by Joe Freedman. Structure design and artwork by Ed Hutchins. Signed and numbered by Hutchins.

Ed Hutchins: "Sounds are unseen, they can be heard but not viewed. Five interwoven pages fold flat, yet spring open to a visual uproar of sounds…sounds from nature, wild beasts, machines, weather, music, excitement, frustration, and life itself. Racing across intersecting surfaces and erupting from interior chambers—whether seen from the top, bottom, front, back, sides, or through viewing ports—a wide-ranging cacophony of sound expressions emerges in visual form. The kaleidoscope presentation begs to be picked up, unfolded, turned, twisted, tumbled, and contorted in every way to explore the many nooks, crannies, and hidden crevices. Each perspective presents additional words, resulting in a cacophony of imaginative sounds.

"The non-adhesive flat structure bursts into a colorful explosive wonderland where it is possible to see the unseen."

Creating Cacophony”, a movie about “Cacophony” narrated by the artist

Ed Hutchins: “Follow along as this innovative book emerges from idea to three-dimensions of boisterous revelry. In just nine zip-along minutes all the essential elements of good bookmaking are covered: book floorplans, the Michelangelo approach, book sculpting, vector diagrams, bump scores, Tucson AZ, canine assistants, word wrangling, paper choreography, and the all-important WOW factor.

“I provided the book concept and nimble fingers, Steven Warren worked behind the camera, and Jane Clegg of Q and A Productions took all the materials and clipped, snipped, stitched, manufactured, molded, shaped, edited, and polished the film into a cinematic gem.”


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