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Calendar for Everyday Passing

By Beata Wehr
Tucson, Arizona: Beata Wehr, 1998. Edition of 100.

2 x 2.5" miniature of archival inkjet print, accordian fold. Each page displays a monthly calendar of days. On the side are images of the end flap of a Kodak film box pierced by the image of a dark figure.

This calendar book, based on a unique piece, plays the inexorable passing of time against our attempts to preserve the moment, to make time stop.

Beata Wehr: "I am interested in recording the passage of time, obsessed by the changes happening in our life, changes of our fragile bodies, our minds. I am curious how the past determines the present and how what is happening now influences our thinking about the past. The rhythm of life is different depending on the place we live, our age, occupation, gender, role in a family and in a society. I am trying to capture chunks of time comparing different periods of my life, recording transience by creating journal-like books, time lines, letters from the past, calendars.”

Calendar for Everyday Passing

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