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Coyote with Coffee

By Jenny Bates
Tobaccoville, North Carolina: Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press, 2014. Edition of 60.

40.5 x 7.5"; 8 leaves including free end pages. Text printed in Trajan Pro on Nara Handmade and Iwami Natural papers. Bound in covers of St. Armand Blue Starry Night with pamphlet stitch. Signed and numbered by poet and artist on the colophon.

Terry Schupbach-Gordon: "This little book about a coyote, or rather a fleeting glimpse of a coyote, was made as the months turned from warm to cool and the coyotes gathered near the mighty Yadkin River to pause, or lope, or slide across the yard. This book included much coffee, joyous conversations, deepened and renewed friendships, and beautiful papers from Nara, Japan and St. Armand Papers in Montreal. We hope that you enjoy it!"

Jenny Bates: "I have always considered my writings to be a mirror of the natural world. Like the sea reflects the heavens indefinitely making it possible to discover hidden meanings in its reality. I hope to convey the symmetry between humans and fellow animals. Whether it be in the cycling of pulsating life or silent death. I hope those who read my poetry come to touch the world and the travails of totally different yet kindred beings and, as I do, feel less alone."

Coyote with Coffee

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