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Crazy Quilt

By Maureen Cummins
Rosedale, New York: Women's Studio Workshop, 1998. Edition of 100.

10 x 10"closed, extends to 30 x 30"; 16 pages. Hinged pages unfolding in four directions to reveal quilt-like patterns, colors, and shapes. Intaglio and letterpress printing. In black cloth boards with inset illustrated title label. Designed, printed, and bound by Maureen Cummins. Signed and numbered.

Califia Books: "A collection of excerpts from narratives written by women imprisoned for madness. Descriptions span from the Civil War period to the present and feature unknown women as well as such celebrated figures as Kate Millet and Frances Farmer. These extraordinary tales are related with keen intelligence, rage, and mordant humor. Silkscreen and letterpress printed on squares of white coverweight Folio. Each page is a patch work of black alternating with rich color blocks (over seventy-five in the edition); text is in the form of stitch-like handwriting. Hinged pages unfold in four directions to reveal myriad shapes and patterns resembling a large, crazy quilt."

Women's Studio Workshop: "Crazy Quilt assembles the experiences of women who have been institutionalized for insanity in the last century. Square pages of richly colored patterns and text unfold into one large quilt-like square. The text resembles sewn handwriting from the women such as Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Frances Farmer."

Crazy Quilt

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