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Daily Bread

By Amy Pirkle
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Perkolator Press, 2006. Edition of 45.


4.75 x 6.25" closed; 18" extended; 16 pages. Five color illustrations, relief printed from color reduction linoleum blocks. Nideggen mould-made paper, Fabriano Ingres paper (sky blue and rust), linen thread, and binder's board. Letterpress printed from metal types (14 pt. Walbaum). Bound as a hardcover pamphlet with fold-out pages. Design, printing, artwork, and text by Amy Pirkle.


Amy Pirkle: "It seems as though every society, every culture, has a traditional bread associated with their cuisine. For Southerners, a true southern dinner includes homemade buttermilk biscuits on the side. As far back as I can remember, I knew that when I walked into my grandmother's kitchen in South Georgia, I'd find her in the kitchen with a hot batch of biscuits made from scratch. I printed this book as a tribute to her and to celebrate such simple pleasures as homemade biscuits at Sunday dinner with family."

Daily Bread

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