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Declaration of Human Rights

Designed & Printed by Lauren Emeritz
Washington DC: Abstract Orange, 2020. Edition of 20.

28 x 18 cm; 31 cardboard sheets (Title page plus 30 loose leaves). Text printed in dark blue ink. Page numbers printed in orange ink on bottom right of each card. Housed in blue cardstock trifold with velcro closure. Tittle printed on cover in blue ink. Signed and numbered by the artist.

This piece printed and designed by Lauren Emeritz is based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948. Emeritz printed excerpts from the Declaration with her usual attention to detail - color, type, layout and material. She created the prints by hand using traditional printing presses and typographic forms combined with some modern techniques. She begins with article 01 "ALL HUMANS ARE FREE & EQUAL" and ends with article 30 "NO ONE MAY DENY THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS".

The portfolio of prints is a testament to her internship in letterpress design at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee in 2017. The Hatch Show Print has a history of printing broadsides with a style of simplicity, “the effortless balance between type size and style”.


Declaration of Human Rights

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