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Every Fall

ByAimee Lee
Cleveland, Ohio: Bionic Hearing Press, 2024. Edition of 3 variants.

7.75 x 4.2 x 0.4" closed, 8.25" wide open. 16 leaves, hanji wrapper with bark lace print. [1/3 in white wrapper, 2/3 & 3/3 in kakishibu wrapper]. Ink (bark lace relief print) and inkjet print on handmade paper, crayon gravestone rubbing on hanji. Materials: handmade paper and thread. Signed and numbered by the artist.


Aimee Lee: "This book recounts visits to Korean burial grounds, which not every family is fortunate to still have due to development, construction, and rising costs. The roughness of the pages and the prints refer to the way that these graves are often found, weedy and in need of maintenance. Yet they also reflect the beauty of variations inherent over centuries of different burial styles and stones. These are journeys taken by families every year not only in Korea but across much of the world to honor the dead-and in a way, the living, just a step away from their ancestors."


I’ve only gone one autumn in my life
but millions of families make the trip
                  each year
gathering to weed /tidy /replace flowers / read
names / pray / remember ancestors, close
                                  and distant.
Our burial site goes back centuries
24 generations
headstones and guard stones
scattered across the land
mounds of grassy dirt
at the nook in the highest hill
the old mausoleum is gone
the newest one where my parents may rest already
houses four [4 Korean names]
In harvest times of plenty, we recall
the soil to which we all return.

Every Fall

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