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Fake Art!

By Chris Maddox 
[Madison, Wisconsin]: ORCS, 2017. Edition of 300.


Christopher Maddox: "Fake Art! is a series of statistical and poetic text analyses. Each piece imposes audacious task-reassignments and other structural manipulations to shift tone and meaning of the words broadcast by contemporary political figures. Book #1 focuses on interviews given by Donald Trump with the Associated Press and Time magazine in 2017. The new iteration may appear elevated, degraded, or a combination of these that can both satisfy and disturb the reader. The reader's experience will depend on perspective and attitude – on the sum of one's encounters with the world, and his or her confirmation bias.


"The texts presented in staggered, narrative poetic form within are not redacted. Each such page presents a single transcribed response in its entirety as spoken by President Trump. Typographic formatting has been altered to deliver a more palpable facsimile of the conversation. Interviewer language has been compressed to obscurity." 


6 x 9"; 84 pages. Softcover. Screen printed dust jacket. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Fake Art!

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