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Feminism is Not a Dirty Word

By Evelyn Eller
New York: Evelyn Eller, 2018. One-of-a-Kind.

9 x 6 x 1.5" hinged enameled wooden box with one opening. Mixed media collage with handmade and acid free papers, xerox. Signed by the artist.

Kate O'Brien, Odyssey, Jul 13, 2015: "We need to work to remove the stigma from the word 'feminism' because it's about equality and not about man-hating … I propose we all pause and think about what the word feminism really means. To me, feminism means empowerment. It means I can speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in. It means I have the strength to accomplish anything I set my mind to. I can talk too much, laugh too loudly, love way too hard and too much, and unapologetically be me. I want everyone to one day feel comfortable and empowered enough to say the same. So instead of putting each other down, let's lift each other up. Let's stop denying the power of feminism, because it can be life-changing. Let's stop treating feminism like a dirty word and instead treat it as it is--a word of inclusivity, power, and love. Let's stop being afraid of being a feminist--let's embrace it instead."

Evelyn Eller: "The title of this book addresses the backlash by some people against women wanting to be heard. We want to have more influence on their place in society by speaking out and becoming politically active."

This book "Feminism is not a Dirty Word" shows images of women speaking out, protesting, joining with other women via snapshot images and snippets of text – "The Choice is Ours", "Speak Out", "Stand Together" …

Feminism is Not a Dirty Word

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