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Flight Path

By Erica Van Horn
Ballybeg, Grange, Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland: Coracle, 2011. Edition of 6.

5.25 x 6.75 x .75"; 6 pages. Accordion. Letterpress. Blue cloth covered boards.

Erica Van Horn: "Flight Path came about as a continuation of my love of the concertina. The book can be seen both page-by-page and as a long panorama of activity. Since 1983, I have worked with both folded paper and casebound concertinas. In the case of Flight Path, the hand-painted pages of sky are the ground for the embossed letter-pressed airplane. The piece is a continuation from Antwerp Airport (1993, edition 35), where I used photo copy on hand-painted pages."

Erica Van Horn, additionally: "My painted pages were cut to size and a block was made from my drawing. He [Simon Cutts] then had the tricky job of placing the planes as close as possible to my plans, using our little Adana press. Once they were dry, the pages were then glued down in order. I am quite thrilled with the results as I like the ephemeral nature of the paint with the solidity of the printed plane and the rigid boards."

Nancy Kuhl, "Narrative and Pattern" from The Book Remembers Everything: The Work of Erica Van Horn: "In her books, Erica Van Horn often explores the elements of visual narrative and the ways those elements of visual narrative might be exploited and subverted within the linear structure of the book. In an entirely modern reinterpretation of the heavy use of patterns found in the borders and backgrounds of much Medieval art, the recurrence of visual patterns frame and shape scenes and figures, underscoring what might be thought of as plot in visual narratives. ... Van Horn's frequent use of the accordion format, which looks and functions like a book but can also be unfolded to reveal a many-paneled panorama, provides her narratives with a page-by-page pace while also calling to mind the scope and grandeur of panoramic images."

Flight Path

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