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By Sandra Trujillo
Guadalajara, Mexico: Impronta Casa Editora, 2019. Edition of 100.

Sheet size 11 x 15"; 20 sheets. Text composition completed on an Intertype C-4 with Typeface Futura 14pts. Titles set on a Ludlow Typographic machine in Goudy 36 pts and Tempo 92 pts. Printed on a Chandler & Price 12 x 18 ca1882. Images printed on a Risograph RZ 390. Loose sheets laid in 11.5 x 15.5" portfolio of chipboard covers and red cloth spine with black ribbon tie closure. Numbered.

Sandra Trujillo: " I received a grant to work in Mexico and the work culminated in an artists' book ... with the assistance of Impronta Casa Editora in Guadalajara, Mexico. Impronta Casa Editora specializes in small artistic productions using rare vintage 19th century intertype and letterpress printing processes. ... The printed graphics in the book are toned Risographs prints of paper collages ... with a cover aesthetic inspired by experiences and trends of printing in Mexico today and rare 19th century portfolios.

"The book presents stories about a youth, familial connection to food, and creative and thrifty-minded individuals. The collection of stories is sketched from memory with an idea to reveal intimate connections between families and urban domestic experiences.

"My goal for FUNERAL FOOD was two-fold: 1) to pay tribute to a diverse community of good cooks; and 2) to talk about thrifty economies (material culture) within California Chicano culture in the 1970's. FUNERAL FOOD is both simple to read and on first read funny. But the undercurrent of the book is about economy and a family skating on the edge of poverty. The stories celebrate the cultural foods and people of my youth and illuminate overwhelming acts of generosity. I tried to create sensations about food and negotiate the uncanny circumstance for abundance (funeral gifts). "
$150 (Last 8 copies)


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