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Gebäudetechnikpanorama Building Engineering Panorama (STANDARD)

By Willi Haldemann
Basel, Switzerland: Studio for Design, 2013. Standard Edition of 110; Special Edition of 4 proof copies.

Two-volume special edition. Contains one standard volume and one of four overprint volumes.

Standard: 8 x 11.75" chipboard slipcase containing Tausend und eine Aufgabe; Das Auftragsbuch [The Order Book]; and "Pictorial Supplement with Translation in American English." Title label on spine. Concept, design, text, hand composing, printing, and binding by Willi Haldemann and Romano Hänni. Tausend Und eine Aufgabe: 7.5 x 11.5", 14 pages; letterpress printed on hand proofing press in six colors. Das Auftragsbuch: 7.5 x 11.5", 32 pages; digital printing, saddle stitch binding.
"Pictorial supplement with Translation in English": 7.5 x 11.5", 4 pages; inkjet print.

Special volume (sold/out of print): 19.4 x 2.3 cm; 14 pages. Letterpress printed in red, green, orange, blue, violet, and black inks. Volume made from proofs and superimpositions. Each page and each cover unique.

Willi Haldemann, "Pictorial Supplement …": "This order book documents my independent work as an engineer for building engineering since 1984. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to present the 1000 tasks, which Haldemann Basel handled successfully until 2012, in the form of this book. This book was hand composed and printed in six colors on a hand proofing press.

"Ordering parties can find their specific order using the enclosed booklet. The order number, project with site, building type, ordering party, project completion, and executed project phases are listed in annual tables. You can find supplementary information and pictures about the production process of this book starting from page 27 of the booklet.

"This order book (The 1001 Tasks) was produced as a leporello. As a result, the information chart extending over several pages with the 1001 tasks can be viewed in different ways. On one hand, you can leaf through the pages as in a conventional book (the individual tasks with the color areas composed of individual brass pieces and the topic areas with the color symbols composed of lines are in the foreground), and on the other hand the content pages (after removal of the dust jacket) can be folded out as a single strip of paper.

"Experience the 1000 individual rectangles with printed symbols as a colorful building engineering panorama."

Haldemann Basel is an engineering company for building engineering providing objective consulting services.

Gebäudetechnikpanorama Building Engineering Panorama (STANDARD)

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