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Getting There / Being There

By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2000. Edition of 25.

6 x 10" closed, 18 x 10 x 6" open. Digitized photos and digital illustrations. Text printed with pigmented inks on Weber-Valentine paper. Housed in a printed Mohawk Superfine paper wrapper.

Marcia Ciro: “Ah, the road trip, that quintessential American activity. This flag book focus is on the seductiveness of the man-made auto environment, and how our drive to keep moving isolates us from the sensory impact of just ‘being’ in a place. The interior reveals a southwestern landscape through rear-view mirrors. On a closer inspection, staccato phrases from the car interior contrast with phonetic words that slowly explore the exterior environment. The outside of the book shows a parked car and a rich, inviting place – our reward for having stopped to smell the roses.”

Getting There / Being There

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