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Ghost Vehicles

ByLynn Agnew
Kingston, Washington: Lynn Agnew, 2024. Edition of 2.

Lynn Agnew: “’Ghost Vehicles’ is printed on unbleached cotton using a variety of printing and image transfer techniques including direct printing, rubber stamping, ink jet printing and ink jet transparency transfer. Some material has been colored with photo sensitive dye or rust dyed. Some images are adhered to the pages with heat sensitive fabric bond. Hand and machine sewing are used to embellish the pages. The cover is cotton canvas. It is side bound with nuts and bolts. The size is 16"w x 14" h. There are 5 two-page spreads and a title and colophon page.”

Ghost Vehicles” is a new fabric book from Lynn Agnew. She says it is “a mystery wrapped in blackberries with a criticism of the first and second-hand auto industry. It was inspired by the discovery of an old Chevy pickup we found in our yard after clearing the area of blackberries.”

Ghost Vehicles

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