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Hot Tomato

By Erica Spitzer Rasmussen
[Saint Paul, Minnesota]: Hot Tomato Press, 2023. Open Edition.

3 1/4"w x 1 3/4"h x 3 1/4"d. Mixed media with handmade paper (cotton, acrylics, book rings, gelatin size, and ink). Linocut printed, punched and strung.

Erica Spitzer Rasmussen: "When I was little, my father told me that eating tomatoes would make me ‘big, strong and hairy-chested.’ When you're young, of course, it's difficult to separate truth from fiction. I believed my father and stopped eating tomatoes. My brother, who heard the same tall tale around the dinner table, continued to eat tomatoes and you should see how hairy he turned out. ‘Hot Tomatoes’ are representations of the ever-present ominous fruit from my childhood that animated the theater of my mind. They function as picture books and as sculptural objects.”

Hot Tomato

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