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How Swimming Saved My Life

By Ellen Knudson
Starkville, Mississippi: Crooked Letter Press, 2005. Edition of 45.

6.6 x 9.5", 12 pages with foldouts. Letterpress printed from metal type, linoleum reduction prints, photopolymer. Each copy contains an original gelatin plate monoprint and two multiple-color reductions printed from linoleum blocks. Pamphlet sewn binding with Indian Khadi paper cover. Printed on Somerset Book heavyweight paper.

A book about the saving grace of swimming. Knudson says: "When I swim, thoughts come and go, flowing like the water. How Swimming Saved My Life is a book about my experience of swimming as exercise and as a release from the stresses of life. My fury makes me a bad person and the one thing that saves me from being a monster is swimming. Water is one of the few places where I am graceful."

How Swimming Saved My Life

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