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By Insiya Dhatt
San Francisco, California: Insiya Dhatt, 2019. Edition of 5.

8.5 x 8.5". Accordion structure. Eight laser-cut images.

Insiya Dhatt: “’Illusions’ examines the reality or elusiveness of basic qualities of life. By obscuring desirable qualities of life and placing them opposite optical illusions, ‘Illusions’ demonstrates the varying internal and external views of one’s foundational needs. From a distance, the book can be viewed as visually stimulating yet closer up the picture is more nuanced.

“’Illusions’ is an accordion book with eight laser-cut optical illusions with a single word opposite each optical illusion. These words and images question the availability of so-called expected qualities of life. In my own life, I created the illusion of strength for my family in my home country while I struggled internally in my life in the West.”
$750 (Last 3 copies)


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