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In Your Hands

by Jaime Lynn Shafer
Washington DC: Jaime Lynn Shafer, 2014. Edition of 7.


Jaime Lynn Shafer: "Relationships are about the people in them. Choosing a partner that provides the right balance can alter the value of any relationship. My work is in response to academic research exploring the history of marriage in the United States. In Your Hands is a collection of letters I have written to individuals who have had an impact on my life—for good or bad. Every relationship and interaction we have with others changes how we see the world and how we behave. From a young age, we are shaped by the individuals who surround us and by those who we choose to surround ourselves with as we age. We take a part of these interactions and relationships with us into the next phase of our lives."


NEXT2014: "Jamie’s written thesis work is about long-term, same sex couples. She researched different couples from different time periods. Originally Jamie set out to prove that same sex relationships are different from opposite sex relationships, but after researching, she realized that 'it isn’t about gender—rather it is about finding the right person regardless of gender. This change forced her to re-examine her life, and now Jamie hopes that her art will encourage people to rethink or at least question their present belief systems as well."


8 x 12"; 44 pages plus free end pages. Screen printed, letter press printed, and blind embossed on Somerset paper and Hahnemühle Bugra. Handbound with a long stitch and leather spine. In cloth-covered slipcase. Signed and numbered by the artist.


In Your Hands

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