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Journeys to the Moon and Sun

Text by Cyrano De Bergerac
Translated by Timothy Hampton
Sonoma, California: Eastside Editions, 2004. Edition of 20.

22 x 17"; 28 pages. Letterpress printed. Twelve multiple-plate color
etchings with linocut borders. 11 text pages with decorative linocut border. Printed on handmade Abaca paper. Bound in cloth covered boards. Slipcased. Edition of 20: 10 portfolio sets; 10 book sets.

Colophon: "Cyrano De Bergerac was the true life inspiration for the romantic figure of Edmond de Rostand's 19th century plan and one of the more curious thinkers in early modern Europe. He was a satirist, swordsmen, poet, and philosopher who indeed had a prodigious appendage. The book, excerpts of which are translated here under the title Journeys to the Moon and Sun, consist in equal parts of sci fi, philosophical speculation, metaphysical drama, theological humor, and freak show satire. The scales of the world are turned upside down and found to be wanting. "

David Berona, Image & Narrative, "Art Hazelwood: A Graphic Witness of America," 2005: "Hazelwood's third project of prints on a literary theme is based on the book, Journeys to the Moon and Sun by Cyrano de Bergerac, with twelve color etchings with linocut borders and twelve pages of text in a new translation by Timothy Hampton from the original French edition of 1662. This lively translation works hand-in-hand with Hazelwood's illustrations, which are comparable to the illustrations of the American book illustrator Howard Pyle with his bold colors and stylized figures. This imaginative interim from the previous two highly political works demonstrates the versatility of Hazelwood's draftsmanship in stylized borders that are reminiscent of the border designs by Aubrey Beardsley and William Morris."

Journeys to the Moon and Sun

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