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King Leer: A Tragedy in Five Puppets

By Emily Martin 
Iowa City, Iowa: Naughty Dog Press, 2018. Edition of 25 .


Emily Martin: "Five puppets in a boxed set, four of the puppets have quotations from our 45th and current president. The 2016 election results turned my thoughts to the character of King Lear and from there they descended to King Leer. If Hillary Clinton had been elected maybe I would have gravitated to Macbeth. I decided to use the President’s own words against him.


"Happily, I had puppet knowledge to draw on. Over the last year, I worked out the full set of five forms. Each puppet has been made with the materials appropriate to their nature, three of the puppets are paper, one is cloth, and the other is a sock."


13" x 7" x 6.75" boxed set. Four trays containing 5 puppets and a pamphlet. Materials and puppets: Bean Bag Puppet - cotton fabrics, pipe cleaners, embroidery floss, brass safety pin, copper wire, dried beans; Robot Puppet – Chancery paper, acrylic paint, sumi ink, dowels; Sock Puppet – White poly-blend sock made in China, cotton thread, buttons, seed beads, Chancery paper, acrylic paint; Jump Up Puppet – Chancery paper, cotton thread; Flapping Mouth Puppet – Chancery paper, MacGregor custom-dyed cotton paper, dowel. Letterpress printing and pressure printing. Arial Black font. Chancery paper, a blend of hemp and cotton, handmade by papermakers at University of Iowa Center for the Book. Pamphlet (colophon with sources for the quotations): 5.5 x 8.5"; 8 pages; in wrappers; signed and numbered by the artist.

SOLD / Out of Print

King Leer: A Tragedy in Five Puppets

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