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Korean Traditional Door Patterns

By Jana Sim
Seoul: Jana Sim, []. Edition of 5.

Two volumes each 3.5 x 7.5” with 15 panels including front and back panels. Images laser cut on bass wood. Hand bound by the artist with exposed stab binding. Signed and numbered on the colophon of each volume by the artist.

Jana Sim, colophon: "The beauty of Korea's traditional doors, windows and its patterns are presented in this work in the form of a book, inspired by my father, an intangible cultural heritage in Korea. The diverse traditional patterns each have different meanings to them and this art piece is a selected collection of those good fortune made into one book.

“In Korea, there is no distinction in the traditional door and window, only its purpose and that is expressed in the two sets of the book. The vertical binding book represent Korea's traditional doors whereas the horizontal binding book represent windows. The patterns are displayed in two forms, for a complete and a closer detailed view."

This two volume set is dedicated to Sim’s father who is a master carpenter. “The Korean times” featured an article about Sim Yong-sik as well as mentioning the relationship between father and daughter.

Korean Traditional Door Patterns

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