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Let Go or Be Dragged (Series #1)

By Carolyn Shattuck Rutland, Vermont: Shattuck Studio, 2023.

8 x 30”; 4 double sided crocheted panels. Text “Let Go or Be Dragged” in wool across crocheted panels. Crochet wool and Washi paper. Accordion structure. In black boards paper title label on front board. Back board with flap fold in containing information about crocheting and poem by Shiloh Morrison “Crochet”.

Carolyn Shattuck: “The word crochet comes from the French word HOOK. The term was used for tools in French lacemaking as well as Scottish shepherd's knitting, both of which are precursors to modern crochet. The modern crochet hook was perfected in the 1830's in England. Not until the 1940's, did crochet become popular in America because of the renewed interest in home crafts. In the 1970's granny squares were popularized, often with bright colours.

“As far as I can remember, I have been working with wool. When I was a night nurse in Montreal, I decided to teach myself crocheting. It led to creating many afghans, pillows and even a bathing suit. Since I make books, I thought it would be exciting to combine both crocheting and book arts. The art of ‘letting go’ and crocheting creates a calm mind.”

I’m weaving with yarn
Crocheting stitches
Across my heart …
                Shiloh Morrison “Crochet”

Let Go or Be Dragged (Series #1)

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