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Lucy in the Sky

By Peter Malutzki
Flörsheim, Main, Germany: Peter Malutzki, 2013. Edition of 60.

19 x 11.5 cm (7.4 x 4.5"); 94 pages. Design, handset, and letterpress: Peter Malutzki. Silver embossed black cardboard cover with cloth spine and titles embossed to resemble push-buttons. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Peter Malutzki: "Images from the internet of girls taking photographs of themselves with their cell phones, mostly in front of a mirror. The images were made up in Photoshop, using the color separation process (adding some 19th century ornamental forms), and afterwards printed with polymer plates in letterpress (4 plates for each picture). Most of the images are printed several times using interchanged colors. The added text quotations come from the Beatles song Lucy in the sky with diamonds. The form and smallness of the book are a reference to the omnipresent mobil devices." Blog (08.15.2014): "Book artist Peter Malutzki became interested with 'selfies' and especially the way young women posed themselves for display on the Internet. He reused images found online to create a book about fantasy and self-representation, Lucy in the Sky; Big Brother is Watching You. Superimposed are the words from the Beatles’ song, Lucy in the Sky, a text he found a fitting juxtaposition to the self-presentation of these pictures."

Lucy in the Sky

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