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Memories of Science

By Dorothy Yule 

Oakland, California: Left Coast Press, 2011. Edition of 50.

2.8 x 2.8 x 1.625"; 46 pages. Miniature book with foredge guard and ribbon pull. Accordion structure with French-folded text alternating with pop-ups. Removable spine allowing for extending of accordion. Letterpress printed on Mohawk Superfine paper. Typeset in Garamond, Latin Condensed, and Copperplate. Five illustrations and a frontispiece. Text and illustrations by Dorothy A. Yule. Star map illustration by Susan Hunt Yule drawn in Adobe Illustrator. Music on accompanying mini-CD (text of book set to music) by Doug Yule with music performance by Big Red Dog (Doug Yule, Tom Collicott, Cary Lung, Dan Yule). Book signed and numbered by the artist. Accordion housed in 4 x 4 x 3" black glass topped box with drawer in base for 3" audio disc. Full size audio disc included separately. Also includes a booklet titled "Serving suggestions: practical considerations for enjoying your book."

Dorothy Yule: "Science fascinated me when I was young. I wanted to understand how the universe worked, what made things tick, where everything came from. I also enjoyed making things, especially books and small toys. I lost the academic thread of science somewhere between physics and calculus but I sublimated my scientific desires into the making of artist’s books. This book, which I originally wrote in 1996, recalls in verse my experiences as a young scientist: the early lure of bugs, the shining world of astronomy, experiments in magnetism and the electric motor, and biology with its seductive taxonomy."

Winner of Librarian's Choice Award in 2012 juried exhibition "Infinite possibilities." Winner Distinguished Book Award from the Miniature Book Society in 2013. Winner the Meggendorfer Prize for Artist Books from the Movable Book Society in 2014. 

Memories of Science

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