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Miniature History of the Button: Part 2

Miniature History of the Button: Part 2, Vols. 4, 5, 6
By Maryann Riker
Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Maryann Riker, 2009. Edition of 8.

Three 1" circular button books; 6 pages each. Accordion structure with pastedowns as pages. Each book cover an actual button. Housed in 2.875 x 2.875 x 1.75” cloth and paper covered box with attached lid. Paper title label on exterior of lid with colophon on the opposite side of the lid.

Maryann Riker: "When I was young, I spent many a rainy afternoon picking through my mom and aunt’s button jar and button box. I loved the variety--each one its own special work of art. These little gems have always held my fascination. The second part of the Miniature History of the Button is a brief history on the button’s use and types. This is then my ode to their noble purpose in making our lives simpler and easier in keeping our clothes in their proper place."

Miniature History of the Button: Part 2

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