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By Aimee Lee
Cleveland, Ohio: Bionic Hearing Press, 2024. Edition of 2 variants.

8.25 x 5.2 x 0.5" closed, 10.4" wide open;12 leaves. Materials: Eggshells, lacquer, pen, handmade paper, thread. Paper thread on handmade paper.


Aimee Lee: "This book compares very basic binaries to wonder why we value one over the other, no matter how different or how subtly similar. Inspired by all the different kinds of people in the world as well as all the different colors of eggshells that are pretty much the same inside.”


We often assume there is a “natural” color
But aren’t we all mixed?
What’s the difference between this and this,
this and this,
this and this
this and this (guess what: two sides of the same coin!)
Doesn’t this feel better?
The secrets woven into our DNA
are no longer secret
The most natural thing is to mix
The blend is our best bet for survival.


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