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Naked Faces

By Students of Scripps College Press
under the direction of Professor Kitty Maryatt
Claremont, California: Scripps College Press, 2009. Edition of 95.

7.75 x 11.25 x .75"; 38 unnumbered pages. Accordion fold book extending from back pastedown with 12 page pamphlet bound in last fold. Printed on Rives BFK 150 gsm paper. Linoleum block images. Pamphlet: 12 pages, digitally printed on silver Stardream Text paper. Bound in Ginga bookcloth. Signed by students on back pastedown.

Colophon: "Nine adventurous intellectuals embarked upon the journey of designing an artist book. Our goal was to construct a tome so powerful, so wondrously provocative that you would be overcome with emotion. In our creative journey, we have transformed luxurious materials into a glorious printed book with techniques that have been fervently taught at Scripps College for decades. We sullied our bare fingers with forest green, teal, electric blue and purple in the pursuit of our formidable goal. Our charmingly vintage Vandercook presses were our closest allies throughout the process."

Scripps College Press: "Robert Bringhurst classifies type based on movements of the time period in which it first appeared. We looked at typefaces from that perspective, by listening to music and looking at artworks from the period. The myriad tiny details that make up a letterform have emotional impact on the entire typeface. Highlighting those rising emotions that are evident in the finished face became the focus of the book. Students selected digital typefaces from Bringhurst's classifications list to investigate but used the metal typefaces available at the Scripps College Press for the emotional descriptions. Weiss Initials were used for the titling and headings, while Scripps College Old Style was used for the front and back matter text. Various typefaces were used for the emotive texts. Colors of forest green, teal, electric blue and purple were used for the emotive type passages. The book was printed on Rives BFK with linoleum cut shapes printed in black. ... The binding structure is accordion-fold so you can stretch out the book and see the play of emotions. The boards are covered in silver Ginga bookcloth with images printed in blue."

Naked Faces

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