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Offerings at the Crossroads

By Cheri Gaulke & Sue Maberry
2005. Edition of 100.

A pouch made of multi-colored Balinese sarongs contains an artists' book whose design is inspired by traditional palm-leaf books. Indonesian teak covers are held together by a central red cord and batiked wooden beads. It is digitally printed on an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 with archival inks and Epson watercolor paper. Each pouch is unique. Each book is signed and numbered.

A true story. One lesbian trying to get pregnant; one gay man dying of AIDS. Life; death. The struggle to make life; the struggle to hold on to life. The ironies compound and cancel each other, until what is left are the dignity of struggle and sanctity of possibility.

"Mark began dying of AIDS long before I began trying to conceive, both of us racing against the inevitability of time" begins the text of Offerings at the Crossroads. The pages within tell the story of a journey between birth and death and a magical trip to Bali. The imagery includes Balinese scenes and the lovely textures and colors of woven, batiked and dyed fabrics that were scanned on a flatbed scanner.

Offerings at the Crossroads was written and designed by Cheri Gaulke and Sue Maberry, and based on the award-winning videotape, Sea of Time. The book is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Department.

Offerings at the Crossroads

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