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One Hundred Excellent Flowers

By Clifton Meador
Boone, North Carolina: Clifton Meador, 2019. Edition of 200.

8.5 x 11"; 62 pages. Florescent four-color offset lithography. Post-bound book with die-cut paper wrapper.


Clifton Meador: "On February 27, 1957, Mao Zedong gave a speech titled 'On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People.' In this speech, he quoted a poem: 'Let a hundred flowers bloom / Let a hundred schools of thought contend.'


His speech invited citizens to voice their opinions and criticisms of the Communist Party.


"It was followed in the summer of 1957 with the Anti-Rightist movement, where between 300,000 and 550,000 individuals were identified as Rightists - most of whom were intellectuals, academics, writers and artists. Mao later said the Hundred Flowers movement had enticed the snakes out of their lairs. The majority of those accused of being Rightists were publicly discredited and lost their jobs or worse.


"Historians argue whether Mao was sincere in his desire to encourage free expression and came to regret it, or if the entire Hundred Flowers movement was a trick to expose his enemies.


"During the fall of 2018 — like many other people —I became angry at the sense that lying has become an acceptable rhetorical strategy. My anger spread to contemplation of the myriad ways we are being lied to, from politics to marketing. It was late summer in western North Carolina, and I had been photographing flowers since spring. I had been thinking, as I have for a long time, about how photographic representation presents nothing other than itself — a printed image is just ink on paper, not a magic window into an alternative reality. The way an image gets printed — the technical issues in printing — are a large part of the reception of the image. I determined to make the technical necessities of image production into an issue in this piece - interfering with the way a raster creates tone by making it obvious and expressive.


"Flowers are a trick to seduce pollinators into helping the plants reproduce. I saw the snack foods as seductions, lies of a different kind, and I took parts of Mao's speech and reiterated it for a consumer's lament. "

One Hundred Excellent Flowers

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