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One Tree

By Gretchen C. Daily and Charles J. Katz, Jr. 
Seattle, Washington: 2017, Marquand Editions. Edition of 25 + 3 display copies.


WorldCat (UC Berkeley): "The carved tree is folded down to fit into a semicircular insert box to be pulled out and detached from the container slipcase. It opens up to reveal the One Tree (attached to the lid by a string that lifts it upright as the lid is lowered). Tree is cut from 3 layers of plywood laminated together and attached tongue-in-groove to the center edge. Photographs and 2 booklets reside in cut-out indentation also made of built up, laminated layers of plywood. Inside of lid is illustrated with watercolor printing. Slipcase includes 2 booklets: One tree / Gretchen C. Daily (14 pages; 21 x 15 cm, with additional signature by the author) and a supplementary booklet One tree / Gretchen C. Daily, Charles J. Katz Jr., which contains the foreword by Charles J. Katz Jr., acknowledgments, and artist bios (9 pages ; 21 x 15 cm), and 14 numbered color photographs by Charles J. Katz Jr."


Artists' book by ecologist and conservation biologist Gretchen C. Daily and photographer Charles J. Katz Jr. that presents one tree - a Ceiba pentandra growing in Sabalito, Costa Rica, also called Kapok or Silk-Cotton-Tree.


Marquand Editions: "In this remarkable edition, environmental scientist Gretchen C. Daily and photographer Charles J. Katz describe how one relict tree, the magnificent Ceiba pentandra in the village of Sabalito, carries physical and spiritual importance far out into the world. In poetic language interwoven with scientific fact, she also describes the historical and natural history of this tree and of the ceiba species in general. Katz's photographs of the tree and village amplify this message quietly yet forcefully." "Gretchen Daily is Bing Professor of Environmental Science in the Department of Biology; Senior Fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment; and Director of the Center for Conservation Biology. She is also Co-Director of The Natural Capital Project, a partnership among Stanford University, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and the University of Minnesota, whose goal is to align economic forces with conservation.


"An ecologist by training, Daily's work spans scientific research, teaching, public education, and working with leaders to advance practical approaches to environmental challenges. Daily's scientific research is on biodiversity change; on the scope for harmonizing biodiversity conservation and agriculture; on quantifying the production and value of Ecosystem Services and Conservation across landscapes; and on new policy and finance mechanisms for integrating the values of natural capital into major decisions. Daily works extensively with private landowners, economists, lawyers, business people, and government agencies to incorporate environmental issues into business practice and public policy. Her efforts span fundamental research and policy-oriented demonstration projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, and Oceania."


Charles J. Katz Jr. has been an active photographer while pursuing a professional career as an attorney and business executive. He serves on the board of directors of the Nature Conservancy of Washington and on the boards of advisers for the Natural Capital Project, Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, and Stanford’s School of Earth Sciences.


11.5 x 22.5" box in semicircular shape with nine color photographs and a wood carving of a tree. In slipcase. Signed and numbered by the author and the photographer.

One Tree

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