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By Art Hazelwood
Richmond, California: Art Hazelwood, 2021. Edition of 15.

19 x 12.5"; 23 prints. Screenprint,. Various French Paper Company papers. Folded portfolio printed inside and out. Le Charivari #52 cover and spread. Back is #66 Interior spread #52. Twenty three prints laid in printed portfolio.

Art Hazelwood: "2020 unleashed the apocalypse on the world in the form Covid-19, fascist leaders, climate disaster. It removed the veil from the face of racism, inequity, and economic injustice. As we came face to face with so much disaster both personal and global my response was to reach for satire. Using an array of historical satirical magazine mastheads I created a running commentary on the state of our pandemic pandemonium. Starting with ‘Gaceta Callejera’ the magazines included ‘Charivari’, well known as the vehicle for Daumier's satirical lithographs, and on to ‘Harper's Weekly’, ‘Le Rire’, ‘Die Aktion’, ‘Simplicissimus’, ‘Die Pleite’, the ‘New Masses’.

“The covers were designed somewhat in the spirit of the historical period. They were sent by email on the date of each publication. So the January 6, 2021 magazine cover with ‘New Masses’ masthead was sent out on that day. The use of historical magazines was done in part to give perspective on the ‘great times’ we are living through, in part to enjoy the way satirical art history plays an ongoing role after its ostensible subject has withered away. Later these images were screenprinted on French Paper and made into a portfolio.“

Art Hazelwood comments on portfolio images:

Charivari #52: “ Masque Publiér/The Mask Issue. Cover Une Fusillade Pour Trump, and spread, Mode de Masque Typique, both showing appropriate and inappropriate mask wear. Mode de Masque Typique/Typical Mask Fashions, Fusillade has a long history in journalism, not as commonly used today… but a broadside or barrage all with military origins. For a simple translation - Le Martyr/The Martyr, Brumeux/Foggy, Dépassement/Exceeding, Enjoué/Playful, Contrainte/Constraint, De Défi/Defiance, Débauché/Debauchery, Manifestante/Protester, Couverture Totale/Total Coverage, Déchaîné/unleashed.”

Le Rire #55: “Le nouveau monument, une évocation artistique. The new monument, an artistic interpretation. The sky has a touch of blue in it in San Francisco today, a time to catch up on the recent items that seem to have fallen over the event horizon. Trump wanted to add himself to Mount Rushmore, but why not reimagine the entire façade!“

Le Rire #56: “Laisse les Démons Hurler! Let the Demons Howl! Overcoming the obstacles to voting put in our way by anti-democratic forces. The GOP convention projects a long shadow, with a distinctive shape to it.”

Simplicissimus #58: Voting to Drive Away the Evil Spirits. Overcoming the obstacles to voting put in our way by anti-democratic forces.“

New Masses #64: “Last Tango. Today, the GOP in an assault on democracy takes the logic of decades of authoritarian impulses to its newest level of madness. Led by sycophants and opportunist collaborators the Grand Ole Party sinks into denial that any victory for Democrats can be legitimate, and eggs on conspiratorial fascists.”


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