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Political Words of Wisdom

By Jenna Rodriquez
Chicago, Illinois: Jenna Rodriguez, 2009. Edition of 25.


Jenna Rodriguez: "Political Words of Wisdom was inspired from the two diverse communities of politics. The form allows the spine to be removed on either side to tell two stories. I want the viewer to explore the book. Depending what side the viewer opens they will see different stereotypes of people who consider themselves Republican or Democrat. I did not want the book to be biased for either party. The book can also be read as a conversational piece where you flip back and forth from side to side. Political Words of Wisdom demonstrates how people constantly have to identify themselves."


2.25 x 3"; 14 leaves. Letterpress printed. One-sheet book folded into sections. Double sided, a version of a reversible structure. Removable spines on either side. Paper covered boards, one in blue and one in red.

Political Words of Wisdom

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