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Proofs for Existence of the Time

By Beata Wehr
Tucson, Arizona: Beta Wehr, 2008. Edition of 25.

4.25 x 1.75"; 16 pages. Miniature. Sewn binding.

Miniature of Wehr's 2006 bookwork "Proofs for Existence of the Time."Each oblong page is an image of one or more found objects laid on a blue background.

Beata Wehr: "I am interested in recording the passage of time, obsessed by the changes happening in our life, changes of our fragile bodies, our minds. I am curious how the past determines the present and how what is happening now influences our thinking about the past. The rhythm of life is different depending on the place we live, our age, occupation, gender, role in a family and in a society. I am trying to capture chunks of time comparing different periods of my life, recording transience by creating journal-like books, time lines, letters from the past, calendars. ... Some of the materials I am working with are found, so their history is unknown to me, and this mystery creates yet another layer of thinking about the time with all what is unknown and can only be guessed. Time and transience are very important factors in our life, and this why I am choosing them as a subject."

Proofs for Existence of the Time

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