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Ravel / Unravel

By Lynn Agnew, Robin Hruska, Susan Lange, Mary Jeanne Linford
Seattle, Washington: Full Plate Press, 2010. Edition of 12.

16 x 13.75 x 1.75"; 28 pages. Textile Book. Sewing. Original collograph printing plates were created and then printed with oil-based ink on muslin. Images, text, and fabrics were hand- and machine-applied to unbleached muslin pages. Text was transferred to the pages with a variety of techniques including iron-on transfer paper, rubber stamps, and direct printing. Cotton fabrics, trim, notions and embroidery further embellish the pages. The interior of the pages were stabilized by interfacing, and the entire book was bound in a soft cover. The protective case is constructed of book board and cotton fabrics. Housed in handsewn cloth envelope with button clasp with title sewn in.

Full Plate Press: "A collaborative exploration of the words ravel and unravel, which are opposites but have the same meaning. We explored this conundrum within the context of our own lives and the lives of others. We chose fabric as a medium because it lent itself well to our subject, and the tactile and visual qualities of fabric appealed to us."

A wealth of technique, imagination, and inventiveness. The fabric swaddles and softens the edges of lived lives offered in short tales of joy, loss, and transcendence. Ravel/Unravel is rich and fulfilling visually and spiritually. It is one of those books that haunts and comforts.

Ravel / Unravel

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