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By Sara White
Tallahassee, Florida: Alluvium Press, 2016. Edition of 35.

4 x 8"; 6 panel accordion with sewn pamphlets in valleys of 4 folds. Printed 8-color letterpress on handmade cotton/abaca paper. Laid in letterpress printed chemise . Slipcased. Numbered.

Sara White: "RIVERINE is an artist's book and fragmented essay about a riparian landscape in New Orleans, LA called the 'batture.' Accompanied by letterpress printed imagery and textures of industrial structures and nature that inhabit this landscape located between the man-made levee and Mississippi River along the margins of the city, the book's text shifts and flows with each page-turn. It pays homage to communities that have existed on the batture in homes on stilts throughout history and the liminal experience of living in a place that is neither water nor solid ground, undefinable and always changing."

Colophon: "The photographs in this book were originally printed in These Were Our Homes, a pamphlet written and compiled by Elizabeth Cousins Rogers in New Orleans, 1954, in an effort to publicize the unjust destruction of homes along the batture. Much of the information in RIVERINE came from the Batture Dwellers Association Records 1949 to 1958.

"This book is dedicated to batture dwellers: to all who live fluidly with awareness and care for the shifting ground beneath our feet."

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